On Digital Minimalism

Oftentimes, when you buy a new PC, it comes preloaded with applications. Some of them are essential, like an anti-virus, and some of them are not. Over the years I've come to realize that the responsiveness of your device (it doesn't necessarily have to be a computer, it can be a mobile phone or a tablet, too) depends on how many applications you have installed. It is especially true for mobile devices, where applications are often started at boot and remain in the memory even if they are not used, draining battery power.


Queen's Gambit (The Series)

I've watched "The Queen's Gambit" on Netflix, and I must admit - I love the show! And I am not alone, of course. According to this article in "Business Insider", and I quote:


How To Change Your VSCode Theme Depending On The Time Of Day

Eye comfort is very important, especially to programmers, who spend most of their day looking at code in their favorite editor.